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Animal Production v1.0.0.4:

This mod allows you to send animals to production placeables/facilities in order to make meat products, etc. Designed to be used with placeables set up to use this feature.

Currently 1 animal = 1 liter of fillType as far as production goes. I have plans for future versions to take more things into account, so there is an incentive to use properly raised mature animals over cheap animals straight from the dealer.

Animal fillTypes can now be renamed in the map fillTypes.xml. Otherwise, this mod will automatically give them proper titles. Animal subTypes are also categorized by their main type as well, allowing you to use fillTypeCategories="" instead of fillTypes="" in your unloadTrigger line(s) if you so choose.

I've also added a sdk folder to this mod with an example xml snippet and a generic animal trigger to help you set up your own animal production facilities.

This mod is currently being used with many PV placeables. For some examples on how to set up an animal production, head over to https://www.simgamealliance.com/ and check it out.

Like always, if you have any issues or suggestions, drop a comment below.

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