Future Plans (05.09.22)

Right now, I am working on a map for personal use so I can actually play the game again. Once I've finished that (and a couple other side projects), I do plan on adding a few features to this mod. This will also depend on whether or not Giants puts this in the base game (I've heard rumors).

The main thing I want to add is an incentive to take higher value animals to production. This version was just to add the ability to take animals to production, period. Age, value, and overall health should be a factor. I am aware of this.

If all goes well, I can see an update in the next week or so.

Get FS22 Animal Production


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Does it make sense to send a translation to Animal Production? If so, where to?

You can send a translation if you want. You can message me on my Facebook page at http://facebook.com/ThundRFSMods for all of that.

Hi, love your mod, but I can't find a selling point to sell the meat goods. Any suggestions?


The mod was requested and designed around the idea that it would provide the global functionality for other modders or people to use with their placeables. Apparently (I haven't yet been able to play FS22), either these placeables were never made or are still in the works.

What you could do is take an existing placeable and add the meat goods to the list of accepted items, or create one of your own. I've also included some basic instructions on how to turn an existing placeable into one that accepts animals as inputs.

I'm currently tied up with RL things, so I haven't had much time to write. When things settle down, I plan on revisiting this mod, adjusting a few things, and adding a basic meat production placeable.

Awesome. I will definitely take a look at the instructions and try to edit some placeables. Thanks.

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hello thunder, very excited to see your personal map and definitely I will play it when published, clearly is important to take in consideration the age, weight, health and maybe different production percentage from raw weight for each of the animal sub types.

This a spreadsheet that take in consideration many factors for cows profitability, maybe could be a helper to design the different values. Calf cow profit calculation

Southern beef calculation report

Thanks for the info. The map itself is just for me, as I'm editing a couple of my favorites I found online for my personal play style. I realized that I need to start playing again and actually use the things I write to both enjoy what I do and to do things properly.

I'm not sure how in depth I'll make the Animal Production mod in the end. Most of my programs are ever evolving, so you never know lol. I do know, however, that I will be adding quite a few things to it before all is said and done.